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Pistillo Rose Gold - New version

Rose Gold... a new emotion.

A new finish enriches The Pistillo lamp : the colour rose gold metallizing. The production process, similar to the chrome version, gives an even colour, attractive and valuable. "We worked hard to find the best tone colour for this release," says Eleonora Lesina, Marketing & Art Director of SP Light. "It is important to maintain the style of a historic lamp as the Pistillo, so emotional and prestigious." 

A silver cup light bulb 100W complements Pistillo. Very soon, with a silver cup LED light bulb.

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Calligrafico. LED Versions - Design: Mario Maccarini, 2015

Energy Saving

Mario Maccarini Calligrafico collection enriches with the new version for Led bulbs. Maintaining the same shapes and sizes for the various models, the amount of light emitted is equivalent to 20W halogen bulbs already used in previous versions, but with a much better color rendering, typical of the latest generation of LED bulbs.

Bulbs are included..

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Biodynamic photocatalytic Sculpture - Design: Filippo Panseca, 2015

Art & Ecology

The Photocatalysis. This is the last Filippo Panseca's research. The last example in which art and science meet: the example of a less indissolubility between art & science-science & art. Sculpture that coexists with the environment purifying. An internal device intercepts "impure" particles, attracts within himself and purifies through the chemical reaction of photocatalysis. The first step towards the creation of new products in the design phase.

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Le Biciclette - Milan Design Week 2016

Fuori Salone Products 2016

During the Milan Design Week 2016 SP Light and Design, new emerging lighting company, will present the new products. The exposition will take place in the exciting art bar “Le Biciclette” in the center of Milan and will open to public from the 12th to 17th of April in Via Torti 2 from 18.00. Free admission.

Some Italian design icons, now a day in production, will be exhibited in this collection: Medusa designed by Olaf Von Bohr in 1968 and the series Pistillo by Studio Tetrarch produced with new finishing. The new products are: Calligrafico produced in LED version, Ego Lineare the vanity mirror made for make- up and the new lamp Pedala assembled with recycling materials, all by the Architect Mario Maccarini.

The project have been developed around the idea of a contemporary art exhibition. The light became the key player through the immaculate lines of the industrial design. «We gladly present our collections outcome of a deep research and passion for design and we are enthusiastic to display our products in this vibrant and interesting location». Stated Marketing manager of the company Eleonora Lesina.

Pistillo at Excelsior Gallia

Pistillo at Excelsior Gallia

Pistillo at Excelsior Gallia

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Hotel Excelsior Gallia Milano - Pistillo composition , 2015

The light takes shape

For the interior of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan were selected Pistillo and Pistillino lamps, lighting fixtures designed by Studio Tetrarch in 1970 and characterized by a unique design and effects inspired by the shapes of nature. To enhance the quality of the environment, and given the amount of used lamps have been used Edison socket bulbs 6W LED screens with a chrome cup, higher performance than traditional incandescent lights.

Pistillo at Excelsior Gallia

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