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The name of this collection is a tribute to an extraordinary woman of our family: Diva Medici, born in the 1920s in Tuscany.
This name pays homage to a woman, mother and grandmother and to the main style in vogue during her time: l’art decò. The name Déco comes from the words “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes” (International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts), held in Paris in 1925. This new tendency involved decorative and visual arts, architecture and fashion. The period between 1919s and 1930s was full of innovations and new discoveries. The futurism was celebrating energy, power and strength. Industrialization was protagonist of this era.
Almost a century later, our company rejoice a luminous object, containing the memory of Diva’s past.
This object recalls the past becaming contemporary, thanks to LED technology. This collection is unique but very versatile, suitable for both the contract sector and for its use in private homes. The lamps are made of steel, available in chrome and golden, and in blown glass, available in four colours.
We focused on detailed finishes and materials to produce luminous objects both elegant and precious
. The suspensions are of different types to allow the application of products in many contexts. The glass is blown in two similar forms: ball and flattened sphere. The various elements of the collection can be combined in many compositions allowing not only architects and interior designers to personalise their creativity but also to allow customers to customize their composition according to their needs. The assembly of the lamps is very simple and does not require someone specialised to install it.

Available in versions: Table, Wall and Suspension.

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le finiture dei vetri: trasparente, bianco opalino, grigio fumo, ambra e blu lapislazzolo.