Today as then

SP Light and Design is a lighting and design brand founded in 2013.

Born from the desire to Carla and her husband Luciano to continue the family business, the historic Valenti company. The eldest daughter Eleonora joins the company bringing new ideas and inspirations. In 2018, the company offers the public its first original collection: Diva.

In 2020 the SP Light brand opens its first Italian e-commerce.

Today as then, thanks to the passion of the family, the company continues its activity in the Design sector with enthusiasm and commitment.

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How we work

Inspirations and mission

Constantly working in search of beauty and quality, SP Light and Design has a new challenge:to produce luminous objects that are not only recognized for their beauty but are also innovative.

Our team is well structured, made up of young people who treasure past experiences to always build the best.

We collaborate with great designers and support research. Curiosity drives us to experiment with new shapes and materials. Our aim is to find the harmony of forms by drawing inspiration from art and nature, our muses

The origins

In 1929 Renzo Pighi and his family found the company Valenti, a company specialized in metal working. In 1968 the company faced its first major challenge: entering the world of Industrial Design. The new but solid Ecolight brand is born. Success is immediate.

The company briefly established itself on the Italian and international market by collaborating closely with internationally renowned architects such as Studio Tetrarch, Olaf Von Bohr, Isao Hosoe, Ezio Didone. Renzo’s daughters, Carla and Laura work with great passion to ensure the growth and success of the company.

This post is also available in: Italian